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What is unblox?

Web 2 platforms depend entirely on creators for content, yet give only scraps back. This is not sustainable. Web 2’s take rate is Web 3’s opportunity.

Why Web3 matters with unblox?

We are aiming to redefine the Web3 era and combine the decentralized, community-governed ethos of web1 with the advanced, modern functionality of web2.

Web3 at unblox is the internet owned by the builders and users, orchestrated with use cases that impact the world every day!

Come for the technology, Stay for the network!.

We are cooler



11 International Patents

11 worldwide patents endow unblox with the technological attributes that its predecessors have lacked - scalability, speed, reliability and simplicity.


Energy Consumption

0.42J - Lowest Energy Consumption

Consumes 3.6 Billion times less energy than Bitcoin & 1000X less energy than Google or Amazon (email storage), due to our ARCH consensus each transaction only needs 0.42J of energy.


Most Secure Network

10-9 - Quantum Safe Network

Beyond just PoW (51%) or dBFT (66%), unblox can handle 90% of malicious miners and decentralized security based on the standards of aviation safety at 0.0000001% fraud risk.


Fastest Blockchain

< 5s - Fastest Blockchain

unblox works at scale (1 million transaction per sec) and is much faster than any current blockchains, with the validation time for transactions being less than 5 seconds.

We are better

Archethic Bitcoin Eth 2.0 BSC Avalanche Solana
Consensus Mechanism ARCH PoW PoS PoSA DAG PoH
Validation Time < 5 sec 10 min 15 sec 3 sec 3 sec 8 sec
Transaction / sec > 1 million 7 15000 62 4500 65000
Consensus Security 97.5% 51% 66% 66% 66% 66%
Data Management Geo-Secured Sharding No Sharding Sharding Sharding Sharding No Sharding
P2P Layer Supervised Multicast Gossip Gossip Gossip Gossip Gossip
DeFi on chain Yes No No No No No
On-chain governance Yes No No Yes No No
Fees $0.01 $8 $4 $0.35 $0.000004 $0.00025
Native Biometric Identification Yes No No No No No
* Data in table can be changed according to future developments of various projects.

We work harder


Podcast by creators of unblox

A FunTech podcast for non-techies (and techies) - anyone who wants to have fun while understanding tech.


In the press

Blockchain tech has a solution to secure your email

Email built on top of a blockchain platform might provide more communications security than centralized alternatives.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has definitely created a clear delineation of remote work: The reliability of a company lies in its email service provider for all forms of communication.

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Is eternal life a reality?

Samiran Ghosh talks about how technology is taking us towards eternal life. And how things that we see in theory might turn to reality , as it has been becoming lately. He also emphasis on the way people take their lives into finding the meaning and definition of it.

Samiran is the Chief Digital Advisor / Enterprise Digital Architect with Microsoft where he works with clients across sectors to enable them to have deeper and engaging relationships.

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Build the truth block by block

There is nothing new about fake news. It has been in existence for centuries, albeit without the scaffolding of support from social media. From housewives’ tales to gossip magazines, the Trojan horse to the misinformation around the D-Day landing site, fake news has been a rite of passage.

The Russian military made this into a fine art with “maskirovka,” the doctrine gaining superiority.....

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Accelerating towards a more inclusive society with AI and Blockchain

The Fourth Industrial Revolution , normally characterized by the utilization of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, blockchain , Internet of Things, 5G among others — has ushered in a new era of economic disruption with uncertain socio-economic consequences, especially for the Global South.

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